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With a commitment to transparency, we believe it's important for you to fully grasp our process before entrusting us with your project. Below, you'll find an overview of what you can anticipate from us, from the initial stages right through to project completion and beyond.

On our website, you can begin by filling out a brief form, which will then redirect you to schedule a Zoom meeting with one of our team members at your convenience. This marks the initiation of our website design process. During this call, we will attentively listen to your input, take notes, and ask pertinent questions to gain a deeper insight into your business, ongoing projects, potential challenges, and your objectives.

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2. Assess

In this phase, we'll evaluate your requirements and identify all the necessary services needed to achieve your objectives. Following this assessment, we will furnish you with an official work estimate or invoice. To initiate your project, a 50% deposit of the total invoice amount is necessary. You will be given a 30-day window to complete the deposit payment before the invoice expires.

3. Prototype

After we've received your deposit and near your project start date, we'll arrange a kickoff meeting with you to finalize your project requirements. We will also set up a shared folder where you can submit content, images, and other materials. Additionally, we'll provide you with a detailed list of everything we require from you to successfully complete your project. Utilizing the information gathered, we will create an initial mock-up of your website's homepage, which we'll share with you for your review and approval before proceeding further.

4. Build

Once you give the green light to the prototype, we commence our work in the background. Our solutions are crafted with a focus on your present requirements as well as your future expansion. Through rigorous cross-browser and device testing, your new website won't just have an appealing appearance, but it will also be user-friendly across all devices, spanning desktops, tablets, and smartphones. This results in a responsive website that not only meets your objectives but also elevates your online presence. Additionally, if desired, we can arrange bi-weekly progress Zoom meetings to keep you updated on the project's status.

5. Deliver

Once the development work is finished, we'll make the site accessible for your final review, and we'll make any necessary adjustments based on your feedback. When the site is finalized, we'll provide you with a sign-off form, which should be returned to us along with the final invoice payment. Once this is done, you'll receive an email containing all the essential information, including renewal dates. At this point, we're all set for the launch! We'll guide you through the process of using your new site. If dealing with website updates isn't your preference, don't worry – we offer a Site Maintenance plan. Additionally, we include a 30-day warranty period from the day the site goes live to ensure it aligns with your initial specifications.

6. Maintain

Once your project is delivered and your website is live, it becomes crucial to maintain up-to-date website security and regularly manage plugin and system updates. Our maintenance plan is tailored to ensure that website ownership remains as hassle-free as possible for our clients post-launch. We provide ongoing monitoring and care for your websites, offering a comprehensive maintenance plan that encompasses site adjustments, analytics, support, and updates.


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