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In the spirit of transparency, we want you to understand our process before making the decision to trust us with your project. Here is an overview of what to expect from us from beginning to end and even afterwards. 

1. Consult

On our website site, you will complete a short form and be redirected to schedule a convenient time to meet with a member of our team over a zoom call. This is where our website design process begins. During the call, we will listen to you carefully, take notes, and ask questions to help get a better understanding of your business, projects, possible hurdles, and desired goals.

2. Assess

During this stage, we will assess your needs and determine all of the services required to accomplish your goals. Then, we will provide you with an official estimate of work. You will have 30 days to review and accept our estimate. After you accept our estimate, we will provide you with an official invoice for your project. A 50% deposit of the total invoice is required for us to begin your project. You will have 30 days to pay the deposit before your invoice expires.

3. Prototype

After we receive your deposit, we will schedule a kickoff meeting with you to solidify your project requirements. We will provide a shared folder for you to provide content, images, etc., along with a comprehensive list of everything we will need from you to complete your project. Using all of the information we have gathered from you, we will complete a home page mock-up of your website and send it to you for your review/approval before moving forward.

4. Build

Once you approve the prototype, we begin working behind the scenes. Our solutions are built with your current needs and future growth in mind. Using cross-browser and device testing, your new website will not only look great, it will also be user-friendly on all devices—from desktop to tablets to smartphones. The result is a responsive website that fulfills your goals and enhances your online presence. Bi-weekly progress zoom meetings are also an option if you desire them.

5. Deliver

After development is complete, we will open the site for your final review and adjust the site as needed. Once the site is finalized, you will receive a sign-off form that will need to be returned to us along with the final invoice payment. After this is completed, you will receive an email with all the details you need to know and renewal dates. Then, we are ready for launch! We will teach you how to use your new site (but don’t worry, if learning about website updates isn’t for you, we have a site maintenance plan available). We also provide a 30 day warranty period from the day the site goes live to ensure it meets your original specifications.

6. Maintain

After we have delivered your project and your website is up and running, it is very important to keep your website security up-to-date; and manage plugin and system updates on a regular basis. Our maintenance plan is designed to make website ownership as effortless as possible for our clients after website launch, where your websites are monitored and cared for on a  consistent basis. Our website maintenance plan includes site modifications, analytics, support, and updates. 


Learn More About Our Plan Here

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